QuakeCon 2018: Constant Fallout 76 player-killers earn 'wanted murderer' bounty status

If a player gets out of hand with PvP killing and griefing, there's a unique mechanic that engages.


The Fallout 76 panel during QuakeCon 2018 served as a platform to introduce a handful of new mechanics to viewers, including the card-based perk system. One of the biggest reveals involves player griefing and a new 'wanted murderer' status.

Griefing is something devs have to address in any PvP experience and the panel revealed that there are variations on the damage done when you shoot another player. If you're killed, you can seek revenge and get a double reward for taking the rival down. If you don't want to engage in that type of interaction, the aggressor becomes a "wanted murderer". That player becomes a red star that appears on everyone's map and there's a bounty on their head. That bounty comes out of their own inventory and they also can't see where the other players are on the map.

The team also discussed punishments for death. When you die, you drop your junk. These are resources that are used mainly for crafting. You don't lose weapon or armor. You can return to your body to get that junk. There are stashes in your camp and around the world that allow you to store what you're carrying, so you don't constantly explore with the risk of losing your resources.

You can respawn anywhere you've unlocked. The closest point to you is free and Vault 76 is free, but places further away cost points. If you engage with players with a vastly different level than your own, the power levels will normalize so there's a more balanced confrontation. Stay tuned to Shacknews for more information.

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