Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition - G Basic Moves Guide

Picking up G for Street Fighter V this week? Here's a primer on his moves to help you get started.


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition has had its share of newcomers, but few have been as strange and mysterious as G. His origins are unknown, but his goals are not. He wishes to be President of the entire planet Earth. And like any good cult leader, he has recruited legions of followers.

G hit the Street Fighter roster out of the blue on Monday and now Shacknews is here with a basic listing of some of his moves.


  • G Barrier: MP + MK (G surrounds himself by the energy of the Earth itself and can use it to block incoming opponents or absorb projectiles.)


  • Maximum President (V-Trigger I - 3 V-Gauge Bars Required): HP + HK (G can cancel his special moves into one another, use his G Barrier as a projectile, and has all of moves boosted to Level 3 Presidentiality.)
  • Dangerous President (V-Trigger II - 2 V-Gauge Bars Required): G gains a powerful uppercut called G Explosion, as well as a command grab that can withstand one hit of armor.)
    • G Explosion: HP + HK
    • G Rage: Down + HP + HK

Unique Moves

  • Wild President: Towards + HP (G Charge supported)
  • Strong President: Back + HP (G Charge supported)
  • Crash President: Towards + HK
  • Flying President: (In mid-forward jump) Down + MP
  • Message To The People: Down -> Down + 2 Kicks (G delivers a sermon to up his EX Gauge. He is VERY open to attack during this, so beware.)

Special Moves

  • G Charge: Down -> Down + 2 Punches (This is G's most essential move, which can charge his Presidentiality meter. The higher his Presidentiality meter gets, the more damage his moves can do. At Level 3 Presidentiality, his moves are upgraded. His Presidentiality meter gets reset if he gets knocked down.
  • G Smash Over: Towards -> Quarter-Circle Towards + Any Punch (G Charge supported)
  • G Smash Under: Towards -> Quarter-Circle Towards + Any Kick (G Charge supported)
  • G Burst: Quarter-Circle Towards + Punch (G Charge supported)
  • G Spin Kick: Quarter-Circle Towards + Kick (G Charge supported)
  • G Impact: Half-Circle Back + Kick

Critical Art (Full EX-Meter Required

  • Pangaea Burst: Quarter-Circle Towards, Quarter-Circle Towards + Any Punch

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. G is available now as part of the game's Season 3 Character Pass.

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