Magic Leap One is on sale now for a whopping $2,300

Better start saving those gold pieces now.


Magic Leap One, the augmented reality headset from creator Magic Leap, is finally on the market, but it's extremely pricey. So pricey, in fact, that it's probably going to be prohibitively expensive and keep folks who might be interested in dabbling in AR in the future out. You can pick one up now for $2,295 if you're so inclined, and it's available only in a few major cities right now, but you might want to hold off.

The headset is available via the official Magic Leap website, but you must be available in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco (Bay Area), Seattle, and Chicago if you want to order one, because it's only sold via this special service called LiftOff. It will deliver and set up your device, which is all required. This is bizarre.

The headset is an intriguing option, and we only recently found out about its FOV specs via leak, not even an official news post. The standalone device that includes a wearable computer and head-mounted display, and if you wear glasses, too bad. You'll have to purchase special pop-in lenses for extra cash if that's going to be an issue for you, or wear contacts.

More money to spend, natch. If you were thinking about getting in on the craze while it's still early, you might want to take some time to reconsider, because it sounds like a lot of cash is going to have to flow for you before it all becomes viable. 

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