Daybreak's H1Z1 exits open beta, officially launches on PS4

Before there was chicken dinner and building your way out of a fight, H1Z1 ruled the world of battle royale. PS4 owners can now get in on the action.


After seeing incredible success on the PC, Daybreak games had a plan to bring over their hit H1Z1 to the PS4. Back in May of this year, the team released the game as an open beta onto the PSN Store and began improving the experience and listening to player feedback. After a summer full of hard work, Daybreak games has announced that H1Z1 has left open beta and officially launched on PS4. To celebrate the occasion, H1Z1 gets a special launch update with a new vehicle, new weapons, and starter bundles.

The H1Z1 launch update on PS4 includes:

  • Battle Pass Season 1: PS4 players can now unlock up to 30 rewards levels across 3 distinct lines (free, premium, and PS Plus). Battle Pass Season 1 premium line can be purchased for $5.49 / €5.49, while all PS Plus members will receive the PS Plus line included in membership. Level progression will carry over between lines.
  • Two New Weapons: The explosive RPG can be found in gold tier airdrops, and specializes in taking out vehicles. The deadly SOCOM Sniper Rifle can be found in purple tier airdrops, and offers a new tactical option for long-range gunfights.
  • New Vehicle: The ARV fits a full fives team and includes a hatch for a squad mate to fire out the top – making it the ultimate vehicle for squad-based gameplay.
  • New Launch Bundles: Players can now customize their character to the max through the new Viper Starter bundle ($4.99 USD / €4.99) or Hardline Deluxe bundle, which includes Premium Battle Pass ($34.99 USD / €34.99). Both Launch bundles are now available at a special launch discount until September 4 on the PlayStation Store.

If you are looking for some fast-paced battle royale action on the PS4, you should definitely look into H1Z1. We will be getting a closer look at the game on the Shacknews Twitch Channel later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for a more detailed post on that.

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