SoulCalibur 6 reveals Astaroth & Seong Mi-Na at EVO 2018

Prior to Sunday's Tekken 7 Top 8, Bandai Namco had an announcement for the upcoming SoulCalibur VI.


Next up on the EVO 2018 Sunday docket is Tekken 7, but prior to that Top 8, fellow Bandai Namco fighter SoulCalibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo took the stage to reveal not one, but two new characters.

First came the reveal for Astaroth, making his return to the SoulCalibur series. The mighty golem wields his massive axe and uses his power to drive his opponents into the ground. Players also got to see Seong Mi-Na, making her return from SoulCalibur IV. She uses her staff to bash her opponents, as well as vault herself into the air for aerial attacks and combos.

SoulCalibur VI is set to release on Friday, October 19.

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