Massive board-game Gloomhaven getting a digital adaptation from former Fable developers

Publisher Asmodee Digital has their biggest project yet ahead of them.


Gloomhaven is the kickstarted board game by Isaac Childres that took the tabletop community by storm in 2017, delivering on the promises of a massive cooperative campaign. The board game has a stout price point, an intimidating collection of pieces for setup, and the bonus challenge of finding a dedicated crew to stick around for hours upon hours, but accessing the Gloomhaven world is about to get a bit easier. Announced during Gencon 2018, publisher Asmodee Digital is bringing Gloomhaven to Steam and it's being developed by a studio made up of ex-Lionhead Studios developers.

Flaming Fowl Studios, the studio behind the Fable Fortune card game, is the team handling Gloomhaven adaptation duties. With staff that previously worked on Fable with Lionhead, the team should have a solid grasp on how to make a massive RPG like Gloomhaven come to life.

“Gloomhaven is, in a lot of ways, inspired by video games so it made sense that there would one day be a digital adaptation of it. Like the physical product, the digital version will be a large project that is more like its own unique game rather than a digital port of a board game,” said Isaac Childres, Gloomhaven’s designer and co-founder of Cephalofair Games, in a press release. “I chose to work with Asmodee Digital because they have the most resources and experience to make sure that it got done right. In their hands, Gloomhaven’s digital edition could become a fully formed digital implementation of the massive critically successful board game. Working with them has been great and every creative decision runs through me to ensure my vision of the world comes to life in the best way possible.”

The publisher has also revealed an updated schedule for other upcoming digital board game adaptations.

Coming Soon

  • The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game (Fantasy Flight Games) - Steam - Q4 2018
  • Scythe: Digital Edition (Stonemaier Games) - Steam - Q3 2018
  • Terraforming Mars (Fryx Games; US Publisher: Stronghold Games) - Steam, iOS, and Android - Q3 2018
  • Pandemic (Z-Man Games) - Steam - Q3 2018 (already available on Android & iOS) 
  • nitama (Arcane Wonders) - iOS and Android - Q3 2018
  • Bang! (dV Giochi) - Steam, iOS, and Android - Q3 2018
  • Bananagrams (Bananagrams) - iOS and Android - Q3 2018
  • Gloom (Atlas Games) - Steam, iOS, and Android - Halloween 2018
  • Five Tribes (Days of Wonder) - Steam, iOS and Android - Q4 2018
  • Ticket To Ride (Days of Wonder) - PlayStation 4 with Playlink - Q4 2018
  • Carcassonne (Hans im Glück) - Nintendo Switch - Q4 2018

In Development

  • Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace (Fantasy Flight Games) - Steam - Q1 2019
  • Munchkin (Steve Jackson Games) - Steam - 2019

Gloomhaven already has a Steam page so it can now be added to your wish list. Stay tuned to Shacknews for more digital and board-game news and updates.

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