Earth Defense Force 5 Prepares To Invade With New Trailer

With so many giant bugs flying around it was only a matter of time before the giant frogs showed up. 


Earth Defense Force is one of those titles that just endears itself to me much in the same way the Dynasty Warriors series does. It's mostly just arcade-style action and explosions with a few light RPG elements and a whole slew of giant insects for players to take. It's a steak and potatoes sort of game that never veers too far from its roots of shoot, reload, repeat gameplay. And from what I've seen of Earth Defense Force 5, it looks like its staying true to form while upping the ante with even more over-the-top creatures and features. While EDF 5 has been out in Japan since last December, today US fans got a peek at the English language version in the form of a brand new teaser trailer. 

The brand-new trailer starts off appropriately enough with Beethoven's 5th Symphony playing in the background over a montage of the giant ants, bees, and other space bugs that fans of the series will be familiar with. Next, viewers are treated to screams of terror as the pests make quick meals of the EDF. And then, giant humanoid frogs, massive alien tentacles, UFOs, and more. Check out the trailer below for all the action.

Earth Defense Force 5 does not have a release date just yet for the US, but it is scheduled to launch at some point later this year for PlayStation 4 and the Japanese version is available now.  

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