Heroes of the Storm Prepares for the Whitemane Inquisition

No one expects the Whitemane inquisition! Her chief weapon is surprise and fear!


Heroes of the Storm has been celebrating the Warcraft universe for the past couple of months since the release of the Echoes of Alterac content. But Yrel isn't the only Warcraft character coming to Blizzard's MOBA this summer. On Thursday, Blizzard announced the newest Hero set to debut in Heroes of the Storm and it's the fallen priestess Sally Whitemane.

Whitemane is known as the High Inquisitor of the Scarlet Crusade, an organization dedicated to eradicating the undead. She now seeks out the undead scourge in the Nexus, where she brngs her healing and debuffing abilities to Heroes of the Storm as the game's newest support character. Her Zeal trait allows her to provide some valuable heals to her allies, giving them a Zeal buff that allows them to heal for a percentage of damage that they deal.

Here are Whitemane's abilities:

  • (Q) Desperate Plea: This heals a targeted ally and infuses them with Zeal. While it doesn't have a cooldown, Whitemane will gain Desperation, which stacks up to three times and ups the mana cost for subsequent Desperate Pleas.
  • (W) Inquisition: Whitemane fires off a beam that damages and slows enemy Heroes, setting them up for any teammates who want to pile on.
  • (E) Searing Lash: This damages all enemies in a line and hits twice for any Heroes damaged.
  • (R1) Scarlet Aegis: Calls down a circle of healing to grant Zeal, armor, and a heal burst for all nearby allies. This can be handy during team fights, giving Whitemane's teammates the ability to heal as they deal damage to the opposition.
  • (R2) Divine Recokoning: Strikes all enemies in a large area with Holy Wrath, which deals continuous damage over time.

No word on when High Inquisitor Whitemane will make her Heroes of the Storm debut, but look for her to hit the Public Test Realm in the days ahead.

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