The Cartridge Family 046 - New Labo No Man's Sky NEXT, Octopath Traveler Game Club Pt. 2

We talk about Shrimp for almost 30 minutes on this one.


After last week’s mayhem, we’re finally settled and back in our usual groove. Half the family is still neck deep in Octopath Travelerwhile the Father-Father’s are busy with other less important and interesting games. Today we discuss the newly announced Nintendo Labokits, The release of two older Silent Hillgems on Xbox Backward Compatibility, the latest game releases of the week and much, much more.

Stick around after the show for Part 2 of our Octopath TravelerGame Club. We spoil things up through (which means including) Chapter 2 of each character’s story. If you’re new to the game club, you might want to start with last week’s episode. Thanks for listening!

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On Today’s Show
- Joe Stasio
- Chris Buffa
- John Benyamine
- Andrew Zucosky


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