SDCC 2018: Zombies Invade Your Personal Space in The Walking Dead: Our World

Use the power of augmented reality to add some flesh-eating spice to your daily walk.


AMC’s The Walking Dead is an entertainment juggernaut that simply won’t die. For years, it has been one of if not the most popular TV show on cable and has millions of dedicated fans and multiple lucrative spinoff series and video games. The latest game for fans of the zombie drama series comes in the form of an augmented reality experience for iOS and Android. The Walking Dead: Our World uses the processing power of your mobile device to populate your current location with loads of zombies and missions designed around eliminating the threat. While at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Shacknew Video Expert Greg Burke got the chance to speak with Clayton Newman, Vice President of Games at AMC, about the zombie experience that brings the terror to you.

Newman takes some time to explain the game’s setup and how the team at Next Games crafted a zombie experience that is crafted to your environment. Our World uses your phone’s camera to map out an instance of a zombie invasion. Players can take part in one of several mission types, including rescues and standard zombie slaying with NPC characters. The game makes use of locations and augmented reality to build out the experience, much like Pokemon Go (although it may be slight more violent).

While the game does include microtransactions, the team made sure that they aren’t intrusive and are only for people who would like to bypass the exploration portions of the experience. The Walking Dead: Our World is out now on iOS and Android devices. For more great videos, including developer interviews and convention coverage for events like E3 or PAX, be sure to check out both Shacknews and over on YouTube.

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