Milanoir Interview: Getting Revenge On The Mean Streets of Milan

A pixel-art love letter to gritty 1970s Italian crime cinema, Milanoir is oozing with style.


Dimly-lit bars, cigarette smoke, tinted sunglasses and thick mustaches - these are the building blocks on which Good Shepherd Entertainment has constructed Milanoir. Milanoir is a pixel-art action-adventure game that is a mix of crime thriller and low-budget 1970s Italian noir cinema. Like the movies that inspired it, Milanoir focuses on the battle between the seedy underside of society and the law enforcement officers charged with keeping the streets safe. Like a great noir story, things aren’t exactly black and white. Good guys will do bad things and bad things can happen to good people. While at E3 2018, we had a chance to sit down with Jenesee Grey, Community Manager at Good Shepherd, and talk about what’s in store for players of Milanoir.

Jenesee explains the origins of the project and the significance of the short films that led the team to work on creating Milanoir. She touches on the seedy vibe the team was after and the issues with translating those vibes to a pixel-art game. Unlike the typical crime story, Milanoir puts you in the shoes of a crime syndicate footsoldier and the trouble he faces. The game has side-scrolling sections as well as top down shooting action that is similar to Hotline Miami.

Milanoir released on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch back in May. The Switch version allows cooperative play via the use of the Joycon controllers.If you are in the mood for a vacation to the criminal underworld, Milanoir might just be the ticket. For more great videos, including developer interviews and convention coverage for events like E3 or PAX, be sure to check out both Shacknews and over on YouTube.

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