Defend Your Bedroom From Monsters In Exclusive Sleep Tight 4K Gameplay

Don’t be afraid of the things that go bump in the night. Funnel them through your pillow fort maze while you annihilate them via turret fire.


Sometimes a game arrives on the scene that doesn’t really offer anything new to its genre, yet is so competently designed and well-realized that you can’t deny it. Sleep Tight, the new twin-stick bedroom defense game from the developers at We Are Fuzzy is exactly that type of game. You are tasked with protecting your bedroom from an endless parade of monsters that attack your bedroom each evening. You have an arsenal of dart guns, pillow walls, and power ups to get you through to the next morning. Your character earns currency in the form of suns and stars, which are spent on upgrading your battle chest and defenses. Each new evening acts as a new wave of things that go bump in the night and you are challenged to reach the top of the leaderboards by surviving the most nights possible. Catch a glimpse of the action in the exclusive 4K gameplay footage below.

Sleep Tight first appeared on our radars when we got a chance to play the game at Pax East 2018. The Pixar-esque visual style and easy to learn gameplay instantly hooked us. We were fortunate enough to get a sit-down interview with some of the fellows from We Are Fuzzy while we were pat PAX East. The guys talked about the birth of the concept and how the basic mechanics of the game work.

You can get to work defending your bedroom from the boogeymen when Sleep Tight launches on Steam and Nintendo Switch July 26.

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