The PUBG Global Invitational 2018 Reveals its 20 Finalists

Teams from around the world have battled it out for the right to compete for $2 million. Only 20 teams remain and will face off in the PUBG Global Invitational in Berlin.


Back in April, PUBG Corp announced a massive 20-team PUBG Global Invitational, set for the end of July in Berlin, Germany. On Thursday, the 20 participating teams set to battle it out for the $2 million prize pool were named.

Here are the 20 teams from across the globs who will participate in the PGI 2018, determined via a series of qualifying matches played out over the past two months:


  • Team Liquid (Scoom, Jeemzz, Sambty, Ibiza)
  • Welcome to South Georgo (MiracU, Gaxy, vard, Larsen)
  • Pittsburg Knights (Voxsic, Draedon, texqs, Krama)

North America

  • Team Gates (Mossy, Exko, Cillo, Mortify)
  • Ghost Gaming (Miccoy, Pr0phie, Turtle, BALLOC)
  • Honey Badger Nation (Timid, GrislyMallard9, Fastrail, w1ckk)

CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)

  • Natus Vincere (POKAMOLODOY, pijamaenota, Drainys, iLame_ru)
  • Avangar Gaming (MuMiNo, keeN, 0nuqtive, DieZzz)


  • OMG (OMGxiaorong, OMGxiaohaixxxx, OMGsilentBT_, OMGlionkk)


  • Refund Gaming (DjChip, Pino, MeoU, FunkyM)
  • Made in Thailand (MITH) (MiTH_MinORu, MiTH_Ezqelusia, MiTH_SviTT, MiTH_HoNBoya)
  • AHQ Esports Club (ahq_K3, ahq_Waisun, ahq_W1nner, ahq_M4)


  • Crest Gaming Xanadu (CGX_Aries_, CGX_Rio01, CGX_Kaiphone, CGX_Shianblue)
  • Crest Gaming Windfall (CGW_kurad, CGW_Levrie, CGW_MarimoSTAR, CGW_MrYoppy)


  • Gen.G GOLD (GOLD_Chelator, GOLD_Loki, GOLD_EscA, GOLD_SimSn)
  • Gen.G BLACK (BLACK_YoonRoot, BLACK_Esther, BLACK_SexyPIG, XX)

MENA (Middle East and North Africa)

  • Oyun Hizmetleri (POLLADERUC, MrSedaT, Colorist, tmhMM)

South America

  • Savage Esports (RagnarLoth, Maikzj, Loquix, SzylzEN)


  • Chiefs Esports Club (eDGe, Champzzzz, Potato, kritikalmotion)

The third-person perspective tournament will take place during the first two days over eight matches, with the winner earning the lion's share of the first $1 million. The second two days will play host to the first-person perspective tournament, with the winning team after eight matches earning the larger share of the second $1 million.

The PUBG Global Invitational 2018 will run from July 25-29.

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