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Microsoft Announces New Xbox One Controller in Sport White

If you ever dreamed of owning an Xbox Controller that looks like a pack of menthol cigarettes, Microsoft has you covered.


People love alternate colors for their gaming hardware. Nintendo had success selling the Nintendo 64 in a wide range of hues, along with an expansive assortment of painted three-pronged controllers. Despite owning a launch day Dreamcast, I compulsively purchased the translucent black Sega Sports Dreamcast console because I am a sucker. Microsoft understands that gamers are a pack of idiots who will buy anything. It’s really the only explanation for the impending release of the new special edition Xbox One “Sport White” controller.

Have you ever been playing Halo and wondered why you are using a black controller? Do you wish that it looked more like a pack of Marlboro Lights and had textured grips? The Sport White Xbox One controller is gonna be right up your alley. Along with its striking paint job, it has the same textured palm grips that debuted on the Patrol Tech and Combat Tech special edition controllers. If this thing sells well, maybe we can get Microsoft to make an Xbox One X that looks like a can of Natural Ice.

If you’ve made it this far and are still interested, you can pick up this new controller starting July 31 from the Xbox Store for $69 (nice).

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