This For Honor Bot Was Named in Tribute to A Deceased Player

This friendship will live on. 


Ubisoft has added a special bot named TheeLizardWizard into For Honor, and it's all in the honor of a player who passed away. The heartwarming reminder of a friendship between two players, Fatmooch and TheeLizardWizard, with one of the pair immortalized in the game forever. A bot sharing the same name as Fatmooch's friend's gamertag was added to For Honor as of June 28, as part of Ubisoft's initiative to help keep the player's memory alive.

“After reading FatMooch69’s remembrance of his fallen comrade our dev team quickly got behind the idea of immortalizing ‘B’ in the game as a bot,” For Honor’s 1.25 patch notes read, referring to "B" as the name Fatmooch had given his friend in an earlier Reddit post about he and his friend's brawls in For Honor. “If you see ‘TheeLizardWizard’ charging at you in the heat of battle, pay him tribute by giving him a good fight!”

The addition of the bot came after Fatmooch's February 17 post on Reddit, where he reminisced about his times with his good friend, who he enjoyed spending time with in-game. Unfortunately, near the end of For Honor's second season, "B" went to a party, overdosed, and died while in the hospital. The pair had been friends since the 6th grade, making the loss all the more painful.

When news got to Ubisoft Montreal about the fallen player, they came up with the idea of immortalizing B as a bot, reaching out to Fatmooch about ideas for a name, and "TheeLizardWizard" was assigned based on the player's love for the band King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. The bot was given some spiffy equipment, and eventually turned loose in the game.

And while Fatmooch hasn't found him just yet, he's hoping to stumble upon him at some point. Here's hoping it's sooner rather than later.

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