For Honor Revamps Training Mode This Week

When a game receives as many frequent updates as For Honor, it's inevitable that certain elements of the original release are going to get outdated. That's especially true for the tutorial mode. Playing For Honor 1.0 is going to feel noticeably different from playing For Honor as it is today.

For Honor Training

That's why Ubisoft is going back in and tweaking the game's original Training Mode and updating it for Season 5. This will add new tutorials and challenges for those jumping into this game for the first time, as well as long-time players looking for a refresher course.

"The new features offer a chance to learn the game's controls in the Apprentice Trials, practice advanced techniques in the Warrior Trials, or improve your skills with (or against) any Heroes or move sets that might be giving you trouble in the Arena Training mode," Ubisoft's Mikel Reparaz says on the Ubisoft Blog. "There's also a scoring system to give players the chance to measure their progress, and Training Media, an in-game library of video tutorials on the Faction War, different game modes, and other features."

Look for the new For Honor Training Mode to debut Thursday, April 19 as part of a free update.

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