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We break down crucial Octopath Traveler details, including guides on job classes, skills, abilities, boss weaknesses, shrine locations, and more.


Octopath Traveler is finally here, giving JRPG fans arguably one of the finest experiences the genre has seen in years. Square Enix's Nintendo Switch exclusive is a huge game, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for players to customize their parties with different job classes, skills, abilities, equipment, and more, all in the name of completing every chapter and learning the full story surrounding each of the game's eight different characters. Keep reading to learn everything we know about Octopath Traveler, including base job skills and attribute bonuses, boss strategies, shrine locations, and more.

Characters, Job Classes, Skills, Attribute Bonuses, and Status Effects

Getting to know a game like Octopath Traveler means coming to understand the many different systems put in place by the developers at Square Enix. Fortunately, that's not so difficult — players can choose from a selection of different jobs, each of which offering its own attribute bonuses as well as both active and passive skills. Keep reading to learn about these different elements and earn the biggest potential impact from all eight characters.

Job Classes and Skills List
This guide breaks down all eight of the core job classes in Octopath Traveler as well as the active skills, passive skills, and attribute bonuses associated with each.

Characters, Path Actions, and Talents
Octopath Traveler follows the story of eight different adventures, and this guide breaks down each hero's background, special Path Action, and unique Talent.

Advanced Jobs and Skills List
This guide examines the four advanced or "secret" jobs in Octopath Traveler, including the active skills, passive skills, equippable weapons, and attribute bonuses for each advanced job class.

How to Unlock Secondary Jobs in Octopath Traveler
Unlocking secondary or sub jobs in Octopath Traveler involves tracking down a number of different shrines, with each shrine representing a different job.

How to Choose the Best Secondary Jobs in Octopath Traveler
We examine the effects that equipping secondary jobs have on characters including a close look at job attribute bonuses.

All Status Effects and Buffs in Octopath Traveler
Learn about each of the different status effects and buffs in Octopath Traveler, including their effects and in-game icons.

Octopath Traveler Shrine Locations

Shrines in Octopath Traveler serve a distinct purpose: to unlock classes that can be used as secondary jobs for each of the eight main characters. Each of the eight characters will always retain their primary jobs, but each can also equip a secondary job to make use of certain battle abilities or learn passive skills that can be used no matter which job is chosen. However, these secondary jobs can only be used once their corresponding shrines have been found.

Check out each of the guides listed below to learn more about the shrines in Octopath Traveler, including their locations, details about how to access them (where necessary), and information about the secondary jobs they offer.

Shrine of the Flamebearer Location
The Shrine of the Flamebearer grants players access to the Cleric job class.

Shrine of the Healer Location
The Shrine of the Healer grants players access to the Apothecary job class.

Shrine of the Huntress Location
The Shrine of the Huntress grants players access to the Hunter job class.

Shrine of the Lady of Grace Location
The Shrine of the Lady of Grace grants players access to the Dancer job class.

Shrine of the Prince of Thieves Location
The Shrine of the Prince of Thieves grants players access to the Thief job class.

Shrine of the Sage Location
The Shrine of the Sage grants players access to the Scholar job class.

Shrine of the Thunderblade Location
The Shrine of the Thunderblade grants players access to the Warrior job class.

Shrine of the Trader Location
The Shrine of the Trader grants players access to the Merchant job class.

All Shrine Locations in Octopath Traveler
We round all up all of the shrine locations in Octopath Traveler, including maps and details on how to track down all eight core jobs and the four "secret" advanced jobs.

Octopath Traveler Boss Strategies

Some of the biggest excitement to be had in Octopath Traveler centers around the game's elaborate boss battles. Every major character chapter features at least one big conflict, and taking down foes involves learning their strengths as well as their weaknesses.

Olberic Boss Weaknesses and Strategies
This guide looks into each of the bosses in all four of Olberic's story chapters, providing details on their weaknesses, hit points, shield ratings, and more.

Extra Octopath Traveler Guides

Sometimes making the most out of an RPG means finding tips or strategies that aren't simply based on in-game details, and we've got a selection of just those sort of tips featured below.

Octopath Traveler Review: The JRPG Switch Players Deserve
Get the full scoop on Square Enix's latest adventure with Shacknews' official review of Octopath Traveler:

How Long Does it Take to Beat Octopath Traveler?
Wondering about how long it might take to see every chapter of Octopath Traveler? We have some ideas.

What Are Danger Levels?
Square Enix gave Octopath Traveler a number of Danger Level alerts in order to prepare players for challenges they may find ahead.

How to Gain Experience Quickly - Levels 15-35
Players looking to earn experience quickly can find a simple method outlined in this guide, which takes advantage of enemies with glaring weaknesses against common weapons that also offer large amounts of experience per battle.

The coverage of Octopath Traveler doesn't end here — players who have yet to jump into Square Enix's latest JRPG would do well to check out our official Octopath Traveler review. Beyond that, the latest news and features otherwise can be found by heading over to Shacknews' own Octopath Traveler home page.

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