Shrine of the Lady of Grace Location - Octopath Traveler

Square Enix's recent release Octopath Traveler is great for a number of reasons — check out our Octopath Traveler review for the full scoop — but beyond other highlights is the player's ability to customize their heroes through the use of different skills and job classes. However, to unlock job classes, players must first track down all of the game's different shrines. Keep reading to learn where players can find the Shrine of the Lady of Grace and unlock the Dancer secondary job class.

Where to Find the Shrine of the Lady of Grace

Like with the Shrine of the Huntress, the Shrine of the Lady of Grace is relatively easy to find. Just outside of Wellspring is the junction known as the Northern Wellspring Sands. From the save point and signpost just east of Wellspring, start walking north toward the soldier, then follow the path west and north again until reaching the final red flag blowing in the wind. At the flag, continue west down the path obstructed from view by the rocky outcropping, then follow the path into the cave opening.

Once within the shrine itself, continue down the path east and then north up the stairs and toward the altar. Approach the altar and press A watch as the heroes hear the disembodied voice of Sealticge, the Lady of Grace, who acknowledges the boldness of the heroes for managing to find the shrine. As a kind gesture, the Lady of Grace will then unlock the Dancer class, allowing each hero to access the skills and attribute bonuses associated with the secondary job.

Seven shrines remain for players who want to unlock all secondary job classes in Octopath Traveler. To learn where the rest are, be sure to stop by our Octopath Traveler strategy and guide hub, which also features loads of information about job attribute bonuses, skills, boss strategies, how to farm easy experience, and more.