Moonlighter Roadmap 2018 Reveals Companions, New Mini Bosses, New Game +

Extra features are coming to Moonlighter, as the new development roadmap 2018 points to the addition of companions, new mini bosses, and a New Game + mode.


The modern gaming scene is full of excellent indie releases, and Moonlighter is one of the latest to present peerless action RPG gameplay in a retro-styled package. Those who aren't familiar with the game should absolutely read our official Moonlighter review, but all those heroic merchants who have already begun their dive into the depths will have some new content to look forward to, as the developers have introduced a new development 2018 roadmap that highlights upcoming features like companions, new mini bosses, and the arrival of a New Game + mode.

What's New In the Moonlighter 2018 Roadmap?

The teams at 11 bit studios and Digital Sun have prepared a number of fresh tweaks for Moonlighter based on "overwhelming and also amazing" amounts of fan feedback. The features planned are substantial; here's the full scoop on the Moonlighter 2018 roadmap upcoming changes and additions, via press release:

More Stock Update — Our first update will add more than 50 new rooms distributed all over the four dungeons making a total of almost 600 room patterns available! It's also going to improve the look of armors and enchanted items, plus we plan to add some additional help/tutorials to explain different shop upgrades better.
Adventure Update — New Game+ lets players start the whole game again with increased difficulty level. This update will also bring brand new Dimensional Weapons and Amulets, powerful equipment based on an unknown and mysterious technology.
Companion Update — Feeling lonely in the Dungeons? Worry no more! Choose a companion and bring it with you on the adventure! Each companion will be a little bit different, offering various skill sets and looks. On top of that we're going to introduce the Custom Game — a set of options that will allow you to modify certain game parameters to create diverse experiences.
Trouble Update — Put your skills to the test by battling some brand new mini bosses! We’re not going to tell you anything more about them — because we want those enemies to surprise (and brutally defeat... muah ha ha ha) you during your adventures. Yup, we're sadistic like that sometimes. We're also going to add new Item Effects, boosting the game’s variety. This update should arrive sometime around Halloween — so we’re hoping to bring you some spoOOoky stuff, too!

In addition to these changes, the developers will additionally be releasing the official Moonlighter OST over on Spotify, so fans can enjoy the game's tunes wherever they go. They also spoke briefly about the game's upcoming Nintendo Switch release, which is apparently still in progress and should meet its intended release sometime later this year. Those want to stay informed on the latest developments with Moonlighter and its Switch release can find the newest information by following Digital Sun and 11 bit studios over on Twitter.

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