The Cartridge Family 043 - Amy Hennig's New Studio, Ubisoft Nonsense, Anthem Gameplay

The one where Joe didn't post last week's episode even though we recorded one, I swear.


Today marks only one more week until Andrew and I are neck deep in Octopath Traveler. It just occurred to me that they never actually named the game; they simply removed ‘Project’ from the front of it. I’m hoping that’s the worst thing I have to say about this lovely looking JRPG. Also, if this preview is to be believed, the wait has been well worth our time.

Oh and sorry for not posting last week, you can listen to Episode 043 here!

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On this, the forty-third episode of The Cartridge Family, I’ve had enough. Ubisoft is at it again saying things they’ll regret saying in the near future. EA is off doing the same, awkwardly narrating some otherwise decent looking gameplay for upcoming shooter, Anthem. What I’ve truly had enough of is Buffa and his eponymous Beatdowns. He thinks he can waltz in here and tear my limbs off week after week, all in the name of retro gaming. I’ve had enough. It hurts. It really hurts. Thanks for listening. Send prayers.

On Today’s Show
- Joe Stasio
- Chris Buffa
- John Benyamine
- Andrew Zucosky


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