Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Interview: Building A Bleak Narrative

Players can experience a slice of Great Depression era Americana in Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, the recent release from Dim Bulb Games and Serenity Forge.


Indie gamers who like their adventure games topped with dreary atmospheric styling have likely heard of Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, the "bleak American folk tale" developed by Dim Bulb Games and Serenity Forge and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment. Shacknews was able to sit down with Good Shepherd Entertainment's Jenessee Grey to discuss some of the title's newest developments, including the game's latest update that includes new stories and tweaks suggested through fan feedback.

As can be seen in the video, the Where the Water Tastes Like Wine pitch is simple: set during the Great Depression era in America, players will follow a character-based adventure where individual stories come together to build an overarching narrative centered around notions of the American Dream. Much of the game's development focused on individual character vignettes, with voice actors and celebrities like Sting being drawn in to help round out the game's 16 different characters.

Where The Water tastes Like Wine is available right now via Steam for Windows, Linux, and macOS PCs for $19.99, with a special 35% discount down to $12.99 during the current Steam Summer sale.

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