New Overwatch Hero 28 is a Hamster Character in a Mech Ball Named Hammond

He's rollin' through. 


The official Overwatch Twitter account has just posted the reveal for Hero 28, and it looks like the adorable hamster in a mech ball, Hammond. While the tweet doesn't officially name the character, speculation across the internet and previous lore materials referring to the hamster appear to confirm this information. 

Strangely, however, this is all the information that came about regarding Hammond today, with no official name reveal or anything like that. Some might be inclined to think that this is all a clever ruse, being that this short clip has amassed such little fanfare. 

This could just be a tease from Blizzard to get fans talking, and the new hero could indeed be someone else entirely. Typically, heroes get the full reveal treatment by Jeff Kaplan and other bits and pieces of information come out about them at the same time. We haven't seen any additional details about Hammond just yet, but we're still waiting around to hear if he's going to indeed be the new Hero 28 everyone's been clamoring for. 

We'll keep you updated, whatever the case may be, whether this adorable new champion really is hero 28, or if it's a red herring we've got to watch out for on the road to the real one in the future. 

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