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Border Patrols VR Gameplay Interview: Tapping The 'Emotional Side' of Virtual Reality

Upcoming Paw Print Games release Border Patrol sees players dealing with the decidedly human personalities of its robotic applicants.


The modern virtual reality software market is still growing, with more and more developers moving to various VR platforms in the hopes of bringing all-new video game experiences to the table. One such experience is Border Patrol, the upcoming title from English studio Paw Print Games. Shacknews had a chance to meet with Steven Knapman, lead designer at Paw Print Games, to discuss more about Border Patrol, a game being pitched as "Job Simulator meets Papers Please."

As might be expected, Border Patrol sees players taking control of a character in charge of a border patrol checkpoint, tasking them with dealing with various artificial personalities and either accepting or rejecting the robots' applications as they attempt make their way through. Both player and character gestures will play an important part in the experience, and the core of the game otherwise revolves around validating information using a variety of nearby gadgets and visual inspection options.

The game was being shown off in a very early stage prototype form, but as far as can be told, things are shaping up well. The title has a unique, clean sort of visual aesthetic that looks well-suited to VR platforms. More than that, the team has apparently learned a lot from developing the VR element of previous studio release Bloody Zombies, and they're using that experience to create an experience something they hope will be ideally suited to the technology.

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