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Rainbow Six Siege Another Mindset Interview: Peeling Back the Esports Curtain

The trials and tribulations of becoming a professional in the world of competitive gaming come to light in Ubisoft's upcoming doc. 


There are many paths that people can take on the road to glory and fame in the world of Esports. Some folks end up shoutcasting their way into the hearts and homes of their fans, while others lean on their competitive edge to work their way up through the ranks and join a sponsored pro team. One thing all their stories have in common though is that not many people actually ever see or hear the real tale of woe, struggle, and triumph that all too often seems to be a common thread in almost every success story. The team at Ubisoft seems to recognize the disconnect between the reality of what people go through to live their dream and what the rest of the world sees. With that in mind, they’ve been working on a documentary that follows several Rainbow Six Siege pro players on the path to stardom titled Another Mindset.

During E3 2018 we got a chance to catch up with Ubi’s Esports Manager Maxime Vial to get a closer look at the upcoming documentary and the process of making the film. Vial also talks about some of his favorite stories from the players involved and goes into the details on some of the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Esports tournaments and when Another Mindset will be premiering. You can check out the video below for the full conversation as well as a trailer for the upcoming doc.

For now, Another Mindset is set to premiere at the Rainbow Six Siege Major in Paris, France in mid-August. There’s no word on where the documentary will end up after that, but we’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date as more details are released. For now, players who want to try and make a name for themselves in the Electronic sports world can grab a copy of Rainbow Six Siege on PC, PS4, or Xbox One.

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