For Honor: Marching Fire Interview: Ongoing Improvements Are A 'No-Brainer'

Shacknews learns more about the improvements made to For Honor ahead of the upcoming release of the Marching Fire DLC.


Gamers who like their third-person action stacked with muscle and sporting blood-soaked blades will have no doubt heard about For Honor, the gritty action title from Ubisoft Montreal. Shacknews' news editor Charles Singletary had a chance to sit down with Damien Kieken, game director on For Honor, at E3 2018 to discuss the game's recent updates and improvements as well as spell out some of the new changes players can expect from the Marching Fire expansion, what's being called "the biggest update" the game developers have ever put together.

Ubisoft Montreal has been steadily improving For Honor since its release back in February of 2017, with new features like dedicated game servers, balancing for all of the game's heroes including tweaks to move sets, and the introduction of an all-new tutorial mode that players can use to acclimate themselves to the For Honor combat system without having to dive straight into the fray.

As users following the latest Steam summer sale may have noticed, For Honor is currently discounted down to a price of $14.99 for the standard edition or $17.49 for the Deluxe edition, a significant discount on arguably one of the best ways to cut down friends with historically inspired warriors. Plus, picking up the game now should give players plenty of time to become acquainted with the action ahead of the For Honor: Marching Fire DLC release on October 16.

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