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Indivisible Developer Lab Zero Games: '2D Animation Is Our Wheelhouse'

Shacknews dives into details with Lab Zero Games, the developers of Indivisible, at this years E3 2018 convention.


Shacknews' resident intern Donovan Erskine and video creation guru Greg Burke had a chance to sit down with Lab Zero Games CEO Peter Bartholow and designer Earl Gertwagen at E3 2018 to discuss some of the many inspirations behind Indivisible, including Valkyrie Profile-esque battling and the ineffable influence of the studio's previous release Skullgirls.

Bartholow mentioned that one of the most challenging aspects of developing Skullgirls was building the game's various levels. The move from a fighting game to a more open, hand-crafted world took a lot of effort, but the team made sure to keep to environmental designs that were well-suited not only to the game's exploration, but also to its battle system.

The team also spoke about fan feedback for Indivisible, calling it "phenomenal," stating that players really seemed to connect with the characters, and even went so far as to cosplay some of their favorites during the convention.

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