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Xbox's Aaron Greenberg: 'Developers Choose Us'

Microsoft's commitment to pushing new hardware and listening to fan feedback makes them the premiere destination for indie developers, according to the general manager of Xbox Games Marketing.


While the launch of the Xbox One did not goes as smoothly as Microsoft would have preferred, the Xbox Division has been proactive in making changes and improving the platform for users and developers alike. Falling behind Sony this console generation forced Microsoft to change course on some decisions, but the Xbox platform is continuing to grow stronger and make up ground. After the Microsoft E3 press briefing, we had the opportunity to chat with Aaron Greenberg, General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing, about the importance of E3, listening to the fans, and what the power of the Xbox One X means for developers and players.

Greenberg speaks at length about how the Xbox team approaches their E3 plans and the role that fan feedback plays in the decisions made at the highest levels of the division. He is grateful for the fans’ passion and dedication. Greenberg explains that the backwards compatibility program was designed to give back to the fans and to let them enjoy the games they already owned, rather than looking for a new way into their wallets.

Courting indie developers for the Xbox Games Division is easy, according to Greenberg. The power of the platform and Microsoft’s willingness to allow smaller development teams to be showcased during the main E3 press briefing show helps attract some of the best talent in the industry. He claims the developers choose to work with Microsoft for their projects. Lastly, Greenberg touts the emergence of games running at “true 4K and 60 frames per second.”

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