Alienware Co-Founder: 'Every Single One of Our Products Is VR-capable or VR-ready'

The gaming hardware maker is committed to serving all segments of the PC gaming market.


Alienware has been in the business of PC gaming hardware for more than twenty years. From their start as a high-end boutique PC builder to their acquisition by Dell in 2006, the brand has always been synonymous with cutting edge gaming hardware. We were able to speak with Frank Azor, co-founder and VP General Manager of Alienware, during E3 and he gave us a glimpse at what the company has in store for 2018.

Gamers love their headsets and Alienware is getting back into the market with its new Alienware Headset. Designed for extended periods of play and functionality, the new unit also has customizable lighting and an aesthetic that pairs perfectly with the company’s line of gaming laptops.

Alienware is also introducing the new G3 15 and 17 notebooks, filling out the portfolio with some offering for the more budget-conscious buyer. Azor explained that the G3 series would be filling in for Dell’s Inspiron line on the gaming side of things. He also reiterated the company’s commitment to VR and declared that all of its products were VR-capable or VR-ready, delivering on a company-wide commitment made three years ago.

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