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Summer Games Done Quick 2018: Day 2 Schedule and Runs to Watch

Summer Games Done Quick is back and raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Shacknews has today's full schedule of runs and has picked out a couple that are worth watching.


Summer has begun and that means, once again, it's time for the folks at Games Done Quick to get together to raise money for charity. Summer Games Done Quick is an annual event, held in the early summer months, where the world's best speedrunners come together to blaze through games of the past and present as quickly as possible while raising money for charity in the process.

This year, Summer Games Done Quick has returned to Bloomington, MN. They will be raising money for Doctors Without Borders. The event is underway and has already raised over $165,000 in just a single day. As the week goes on, Shacknews will continue to offer up noteworthy runs that should not be missed.

Before getting into the Day 2 schedule, let's look back at a Day 1 highlight. Look how close this Shantae race was, coming right down to the end!

Here's the full schedule for Day 2, taken from the Games Done Quick website, along with a handful of runs worth checking out:

Time (All Times PT)GameRunRunner(s)Target Time
6:44 AM Hagane: The Final Conflict Any% - SNES Epic 22:00
7:16 AM Animaniacs Any% - SNES Epic 26:00
7:52 AM Ardy Lightfoot Any% - SNES Epic 29:00
8:31 AM Cool Spot Any% Easy - SNES GlitchCat7 15:00
8:56 AM Sparkster Normal - SNES Drakodan 25:00
9:31 AM Rocket Knight Adventures Any% (Easy) - Genesis d4gr0n 35:00
10:16 AM Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance New Game Any% (No DLC) - Switch GreenZSaber 1:27:00
11:58 AM Pikmin 3 Any% - Wii U 360Chrism 1:08:00
1:16 PM Soft Body Soft Game - PC v_input_output 35:00
2:01 PM Monolith 5-Stage, Normal, Intense Lethality - PC Studio 15:00
2:26 PM Master Spy Any% (Optional Developer Commentary) - PC Obidobi 22:00
2:58 PM Enter The Gungeon 1 Character - PC teddyras 30:00
3:43 PM Dustforce DX Any% All Levels (NG+) Race - PC fishmcmuffins, Freshmaniac 45:00
4:38 PM Axiom Verge Any% - PC GVirus 45:00
5:33 PM Mega Man 6 Any% - NES DarkTerrex, Chelney, Ppotdot1 37:00
6:20 PM Mega Man 9 Any% (Proto Man) - Wii The Blacktastic 34:00
7:04 PM Mega Man Zero 4 Any% - GBA Nu_ 1:00:00
9:09 PM Rise of the Tomb Raider Any% - PC Studio 1:20:00
10:39 PM Tomb Raider Any% Glitched - PC Beckski93 1:15:00
12:04 AM Resident Evil HD Remaster New Game 100% (Best Ending) - PC Pessimism 1:34:00
1:48 AM F.E.A.R. Any% - PC Maxylobes 1:05:00
3:03 AM Penumbra: Overture Any% QSA - PC Blood_Thunder 20:00
3:33 AM Amy Any% - PS3 FoldableHuman 1:00:00
4:43 AM Pet the Pup at the Party 10 Pups - PC Bullets 8:00
5:01 AM FreezeMe 25 Cubes - PC Mildew 55:00

2:58 PM - Enter The Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon remains one of the most impressive dungeon crawlers to release in the past couple of years. It's also one of the most random, which makes it interesting that someone thinks they can run through it in under a half hour. Even with all the firepower contained within the game, getting through these bosses can be an incredibly tough task. Anyone who has had trouble getting through Dodge Roll's bullet hell shooter may want to tune in.

3:43 PM - Dustforce DX

Dustforce speed runs are like ballet. Precision movements are critical and a perfectly-executed speedrun can be one of the most entertaining sights in gaming. Two players attempting to race to pull off the precision speedrun sounds all the more enjoyable. Dustforce is an underappreciated modern platformer, with the idea to sweep up everything in sight while pulling off wild parkour moves and avoiding obstacles. It's Hitbox Team's one and only gaming effort so far and it's both a pleasure to play and a pleasure to see played at its highest level.

12:04 AM - Resident Evil HD Remaster

Shacknews has been on a bit of a Resident Evil kick after looking at our Best Game of E3, Resident Evil 2. But before moving on to the sequel, it should be fun to take a look at that first Resident Evil remaster and see it run to its absolute top level. Pessimism will attempt to get a 100% Best Ending, so Resident Evil completionists might enjoy this, assuming they can stay up late for it.

Summer Games Done Quick 2018 will take place from now through Saturday, June 30. For more, check out the Games Done Quick website and be sure to watch all of the action from Twitch.

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