Warriors Orochi 4 Gameplay Walkthrough and Commentary

Gods and magic make their way into the world of Musou games in the next installation of this popular mash-up series. 


While Koei-Tecmo took a bold step in a new direction with the Dynasty Warriors series earlier this year. However, it would appear that things will be returning to the more straightforward Musou experience of hacking and slashing through massive armies in a level-based setting for the next installment of spin-off series, Warriors Orochi 4. The Orochi series takes all the characters from Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games and puts them into their own mash-up story. Previous installments have ended up being fan favorites and the latest addition is looking like it will be another par for the course.

This time around the ancient warriors of China and Japan will be joined by several deities on their adventure. That’s right, players will get to wield the power of the gods in the upcoming Warriors Orochi 4. While the full roster hasn’t been revealed just yet, players can expect to take up the mantle of the main man himself, Greek God of Lightning the big papa of Olympus himself, Zeus. Along with the new roster of omnipotent cohorts, Orochi 4 will introduce a new magic system to help expand combat and combo options. It appears 2-player co-op functions will be coming back this time as well.

While at E3 2018 we got a chance to sit down with Warriors Orochi 4 Producer Masaki Furusawa to get some in-depth details on what players can expect from the long-running series this time around. Check out the video below for a ton of gameplay and commentary from Furusawa-San’s translator on what’s new for the fourth installment. And be sure to check back for more Warriors Orochi news as we get closer to its October release date.

Warriors Orochi 4 is set to release later this year on October 16 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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