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E3 2018: Total War: Three Kingdoms Developer Interview and Gameplay

More massive land battles are coming from one of strategy gaming’s biggest franchises.


Sega’s historical battle RTS Total War: Three Kingdoms made its debut at E3 2018, showing off its new graphic overhaul and the biggest and baddest battles the series has ever seen. Shacknews Video Guru Greg Burke was able to corner a couple of the devs from Creative Assembly to ask about the process behind Three Kingdoms and what longtime series fans can expect when the game releases.

The team discusses the importance of the generals to the gameplay and how their abilities affect the battle at large. The new duel system is also touched on. It allows players to challenge opposing generals in one-on-one combat. If the player is victorious in the duel, the opposing army loses access to its general’s abilities. Total War: Three Kingdoms is expected sometime in Spring 2019. You can get more information from the official Steam Store page.

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