E3 2018: Latest Just Cause 4 Trailer Details New Apex Engine

Unveiled at the PC Gaming Show, the new Just Cause 4 trailer shows off the number of improvements made possible through the developer's Apex game engine.


The PC Gaming Show at E3 2018 has played host to a number of huge reveals, and the latest news comes from developer Avalanche, who has taken to the stage to show off the capabilities of the open-world Apex engine used in upcoming title Just Cause 4.

The new engine will reportedly feature "unrivaled draw distance, improved HDR lighting, interactive weather systems, physics-based aerodynamics models, and increased destruction fidelity." Suffice to say, the sum of all these different components seem to add up to a very noticeable improvement, as the latest trailer looks absolutely gorgeous.

The series' iconic Wingsuit and grapple hooks will make a return in Just Cause 4, but players will note that the development team has basically fine-tuned everything that fans have come to love about the Just Cause formula. More information about the game can be found over on the official Just Cause E3 website.

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