Hearthstone Global Games Voting Opens with One Free Witchwood Card Pack

Who do you want to represent your country at this year's Hearthstone Global Games? Assemble your country's best team and get a free Witchwood card pack just for voting.


While the Hearthstone Championship Tour continues, with individual Hearthstone players striving for greatness, Blizzard is also preparing for the world to do battle in their digital collectible card game. The Hearthstone Global Games are almost ready to begin and now it's time to fill out the rosters for this team-based tournament.

The 2017 HGG Finals (Photo credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Each country has a pre-selected Anchor, but the remaining three spots on the team will be selected by the public. The United States is represented by David "JustSaiyin" Shan, but he'll be joined by three of the following players:

  • Muzzy (Muzahidul Islam)
  • Fr0zen (Frank Zhang)
  • noblord (Matt Koutsoutis)
  • Klei
  • Tarei (Jeffrey Liu)
  • Gallon (Edward Goodwin)
  • Ant (Anthony Trevino)
  • TerrenceM (Terrence Miller)

As an incentive to get the vote out, Blizzard is offering up a free Witchwood pack for anyone who votes for their country's team. Fans can vote on the Hearthstone website until June 13, with the free Witchwood pack delivered at a later date.

"In 2017, [Hearthstone Global Games] was definitely one of the highlights," Hearthstone Esports Franchise Leader Che Chou told Shacknews back at the Hearthstone World Championships. "It started off as an idea of 'How do we do the World Cup for Hearthstone?' That started the thinking around it making sense that it's team-based. So it was our first official team championship for Hearthstone, from a Blizzard production standpoint. I know that we also have the Trinity Series. For us, it was like, we want to try teams, we want to activate national pride, we want to hit on all these different beats, and actually pulling it off and seeing countries and countrymen and all that excitement for us at Gamescom last year and people showing up with flags was so awesome to see."

This year's Hearthstone Global Games begins on July 16, starting with 48 teams. Only eight of those teams will battle it out, with the winning country crowned at BlizzCon.

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