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Rainbow Six Siege Details Operation Para Bellum Update

Prior to Sunday's Season 7 Grand Finals, Ubisoft took a moment to detail what's next for Rainbow Six Siege.


Prior to Sunday's Rainbow Six Siege Season 7 Grand Finals, Ubisoft took some time to show off more of the upcoming Operation Para Bellum to the Atlantic City crowd. The publisher has teased bits and pieces of the latest Rainbow Six Siege update over the past several weeks, but this served as a first live look at the game's newest map, as well as its latest Operators.

The new Villa map takes operatives to a stately Tuscan chateau owned by the mob. It's calm and serene, which makes it perfect for special forces operatives looking to bust in and wreck the joint.

The two new Operators are both of Italian descent. First up is Alibi, who has the ability to project multiple Holograms of herself. This is to confuse the enemy, as the holograms look staggeringly real, but only one is the true Operator. The decoys can be placed and activated anywhere, granted there's space to place them. Shooting at a decoy will expose the player's position for several seconds. The only way to destroy a decoy while remaining undetected is to shoot the base. Be wary if using her, though, because Alibi decoys can only wield a standard SMG and costume. If you're decked out in new gear with a hot new weapon, you'll stick out among the decoys.

The second new Operator is Maestro, who comes with a new kind of camera. The Evil Eye remote access camera is bulletproof and can also fire lasers upon any targets within its proximity. Only explosives can dispose of it, though Sledge can also destroy it with his trusty hammer. The Evil Eye can be used by any defender and can see through smoke. Maestro can deploy the laser, which will fire rapidly, but be careful not to overheat it.

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Other major features in Operation Para Bellum include the new Pick & Ban system, which adds a ban phase and the ability to swap Operators. Players can also find adjustments to dropshots, weapon sights, the observation tool, Operator speeds, and some new buffs for Echo.

Those playing on the Rainbow Six Siege Test Servers on PC can check out Operation Para Bellum this Tuesday, May 22. Look for Operation Para Bellum to deploy to the rest of the game's user base sometime in June.

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