Team Liquid Wins Rainbow Six Siege Season 7 Finals

Latin America finally prevails, as Team Liquid stands tall at the end of the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 7 Finals.


The Rainbow Six Pro League traveled out to Atlantic City, NJ this weekend for its Season 7 Finals. The best teams in the game battled it out, with the Grand Finals coming down to just two, but it was the Latin America quintet of Team Liquid that stood triumphant, beating Penta Sports 2-1 to claim the championship.

The final map came down to Consulate, long considered one of Penta's best maps. But Team Liquid was on a hot streak throughout the day, coming out ahead and never looking back. The Brazilian squad worked like a well-oiled machine in the final round, with each team member systematically taking down every member of Penta, leading to a 5v1. Penta's last hope rode on Fabian Hallsten, but Thiago "xS3xycake" Reis secured the final kill to cement Team Liquid's Season 7 victory.

After Penta took an early 1-0 series lead, Liquid looked to have the second map, Border, under control. But the Six Invitational champions and perennial tournament favorites Penta quickly climbed back, forcing a tiebreaker on that map. After a tense early going, Liquid took command of the final round, cornering Niclas "Pengu" Mouritzen and taking him down in a 3v1 scenario.

Team Liquid played strong throughout the weekend, taking a commanding 2-0 wins over Fnatic and a much closer 2-1 win over Millenium. Those who have followed Rainbow Six esports will recognize this team as the former Black Dragons, one of the top teams in Latin America. They were picked up by Team Liquid back in January.

Penta Sports had quite the road to the Grand Finals, facing a lot of resistance along the way. Six Invitational runner-up Evil Geniuses went into their rematch with Penta fired up and nearly knocked them out in the quarterfinals. Penta fought from behind throughout, ultimately prevailing 2-1. Rogue went into the tournament with heavy momentum, but were unable to eke out the victory, also falling to Penta 2-1.

As part of their Season 7 championship victory, Team Liquid takes the top share of the tournament's $275,000 prize pool. A total of $1.4 million in prize money has been given out over the course of the Rainbow Six Pro League's Season 7 competition. Season 8 is set to begin in June.

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