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Vintage Video Game Vault: The Maiden Voyage

Do you like old games? I hope so…


Welcome to the first edition of the Vintage Video Game Vault Twitch Stream (name subject to be improved). Take a ride with your buddies on a 16-bit magic carpet as we attempt to enjoy the games of yesteryear on modern controllers that suck at playing these great classic games. Today's stream will begin at 5:35PM ET (2:35 PM PT) on twitch.tv/shacknews!

We’d like to thank all our Twitch subscribers for their support as we’ve begun ramping up streaming efforts on the site. We run weekly shows like Please Take A Look and Happy Hour to give you a glance at the newest releases (mostly State of Decay 2 this week) or just to have some fun while we talk shop. Silliness is always encouraged and any suggestions are always welcomed.

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