Pixel Game Maker MV To Get U.S. Release

The RPG Maker spin-off is coming to Western territories with a proper English-language release.


Many aspiring indie video game developers have cut their teeth on RPG Maker, the popular suite of game creation tools that allow fans to put together their own RPG experience without having any true experience in game development. Pixel Game Maker MV is software designed with exactly those goals in mind, and players in the U.S. will be excited to hear that the latest game-creation title will be making its way to Western territories.

The new title promises basically everything that fans will have come to expect from RPG Maker releases, namely a suite of entry-level development tools that streamline the whole game creation process. Fans will note that Pixel Game Maker MV also includes support for JavaScript extensions, allowing those with a little bit of know-how to dig deeper into the creation experience and present a new twist on the standard formula.

Of course, part of the experience of making a video game is sharing it with others — toward that front, Pixel Game Maker MV will probably carry a licensing option similar to RPG Maker, where the creator is essentially free to do whatever they want with the game, up to and including selling their creation through online marketplaces like Steam.

There's still not any specific launch date set for Pixel Game Maker MV, but as reported over on Rock Paper Shotgun, the development crew at Kodakawa Games is aiming to have the first English language release become available through Steam Early Access sometime this summer. More information about the software can be found over on the official Pixel Game Maker MV website.

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