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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Returns to Original Trilogy to Celebrate Han Solo

There's a new Han Solo prequel hitting theaters this month, but Star Wars Battlefront would like to celebrate the classic Han first.


EA and DICE are finally looking to move forward from the Star Wars Battlefront II progression system and move on to some actual content. With that said, it's a good thing there's a new Star Wars movie coming out to provide some of that content.

Later this month, Solo: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters, which means Star Wars Battlefront II will celebrate with the original trilogy's Han Solo and some of his adventures. Players can look forward to:

  • Jabba's Palace: Players can jump into Blast, Hero Showdown, or Heroes vs. Villains and run around in Jabba's Palace from Return of the Jedi.
  • Hero Showdown: "What's Hero Showdown?" you may ask. That's a new round-based elimination mode that pits Heroes and Villains in 2v2 battles. Be careful about who you pick, though, because new characters must be selected for each round.
  • Return of the Jedi Outfits: Players with Credits or Crystals can pick up outfits from the start of Episode VI. Those outfits are the disguises donned by Lando Calrissian and Leia Organa prior to their capture by Jabba the Hutt. Leia's Boushh outfit will be the first of the Legendary Appearances to hit the game, while Lando's outfit will be an Epic.
  • Starfighter Custom Arcade: There's a new Custom Arcade mode in Battlefront II, allowing players to try out all Starfighters from all eras.

Leia's Boushh outfit will also include speech scrambler

DICE is promising some more information on what's coming more directly in relation to Solo: A Star Wars Story in June. But for now, players can look forward to the aforementioned content on May 16. More information can be found on the Star Wars Battlefront forums.

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