H1Z1 PS4 Interview: 'Totally Open To Bringing Features Over To PC'

We got a chance to sit down with H1Z1's Lead Systems & Combat Designer Tony Morton about the differences and similarities between the upcoming PS4 version of the game and its PC counterpart. 


As some of you may have already read earlier today in my hands-on preview, H1Z1 is coming to the PS4 and it's bringing some interesting changes to the game's Battle Royale mechanics. Not only is the team at Daybreak cutting out the crafting system and speeding up the rate at which the toxic green gas takes over areas, there are several new weapons being added into the fray as well. Overall, it looks like the company has more planned than just your basic port from PC to console as the game tries to gain a solid foothold in the world of the battle royale genre.

I had an opportunity to sit down with H1Z1's Lead Systems & Combat Designer Tony Morton to chat about some of the brand new features being introduced for the PS4 as well as how the team decided on what to integrate and what to leave behind on their journey to console. Tony goes into detail about how the new weapon level system works, how the new rules change strategy, and how those changes came about. 

My full interview with Tony Morton can be checked out below. While there's no release date just yet for H1Z1, the game will be entering its first phases of closed beta starting tomorrow, May 9. This first round will be extremely limited in the number of invites sent, but players chomping at the bit to check out H1Z1 on PS4 will get another chance soon enough as there will be a second round of closed beta invites going out on May 14. No word on when to expect the open beta just yet, but the full version should launch post-open-beta later this year. 

Remember, closed beta begins tomorrow, May 9 and you can sign up for it here.

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