Grab A Slurpee and Hang With Deadpool With 7-Eleven's New AR Experience

A new augmented reality app lets you chill out with the Merc with a Mouth while at 7-Eleven. 


Heading out to a 7-Eleven (if you have one near you, that is) is always fun. You can grab some snacks, a Slurpee, hang out with Deadpool...wait. Did I just say "hang out with Deadpool?" You bet I did. A new 7-Eleven promotion is using the power of augmented reality to promote the upcoming superhero flick Deadpool 2, and you can get in on the fun too.

Deadpool 2 opens in theaters on May 18, and 7-Eleven will be introducing a ton of promotional tie-in products and promotions to go along with it, which includes a smartphone-based AR experience that you can use to interact with Ddeadpool.

“At Deadpool 2 headquarters, we knew 7-Eleven needed to have an in-store experience that captured the excitement for the upcoming Deadpool premiere (online and on the street),” said 7-Eleven Chief Digital Officer Gurmeet Singh. “Perfect timing to launch our first AR effort. We think Deadpool fans will really love seeing him come to life in our stores.”

You'll download a special app and then use the camera to take a selfie with Deadpool, which he'll then ruin with marker doodles, and scan special "zap codes" in-store while the wise-cracking hero gives you his thoughts on everything in the store. There will be a new set of activities you can complete each week in a bid to keep fans interested and coming back for more. It sounds like a fun way to promote the new movie, and if you're a Deadpool fan this is the closest you're going to get to having him scarf down some chimichangas while hanging out at the convenience store with you for now.

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