StarCraft 2 Season 2 Introduces New Maps With New Update

Plenty of new ways for players to kick butt and take names. 


StarCraft 2 is still chugging along with new updates and seasons as the year wears on, and you can still jump in at any time with a plethora of new ways to play. In fact, with the beginning of the newest season getting ready to start, there's a new map pool to choose from that you can play on with others.

The new team maps being added are as follows:

  • 2v2 – Redstorm
  • 3v3 – Stranded Isles
  • 4v4 – Last Impact

These maps will in turn be added to the 1v1 ladder:

  • 16-Bit LE
  • Dreamcatcher LE
  • Lost and Found LE
  • Redshift LE
  • Darkness Sanctuary LE

And because things can be given and then taken away in the drop of a hat, the following maps will be removed:

  • Blackpink LE
  • Backwater LE
  • Abiogenesis LE
  • Eastwatch LE
  • Neon Violet Square LE

This makes the final map pool look a little something like this:

  • Catalyst LE
  • Acid Plant LE
  • 16-Bit LE
  • Lost and Found LE
  • Dreamcatcher LE
  • Redshift LE (Formerly Backpfeifengesicht)
  • Darkness Sanctuary LE

If you're interested in testing these babies out, you can head on over to try them out in Custom games right now. Season 2 doesn't technically begin until Tuesday, May 15, so you'll have to wait until then if you want to play with the new map pool via the ladder, but there's plenty of reasons to try them out outside of competitive play right now if you're a big StarCraft 2 fan. When that happens, Blizzard will be putting out an updated blog running down all the important information. Until then, happy Zerg rushing!

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