The Dark Nexus Opens Up to Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm's lore push is resulting in some changes to Blizzard's MOBA, the first of which is introducing new skins and mounts.


On Monday, Blizzard announced its push to add some additional lore to Heroes of the Storm. But what exactly is that going to entail for the actual game side of Blizzard's MOBA? That question was answered the very next day.

On Tuesday, Blizzard revealed the Dark Nexus. Spinning out of the Rise of the Raven Lord comic released on Monday, the Dark Nexus has unleashed twisted versions of the heroes and villains currently doing combat in the Nexus. This means there are new Dark Nexus skins for Alarak and Gul'dan, along with a Legendary Dark Nexus Hound Mount and an Epic Dark Nexus Manta Mount.

The Dark Nexus skins coincide with the latest Heroes of the Storm hotfix. For those looking to see what those entail, be sure to visit the Heroes of the Storm website.

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