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Tomato Town Treasure Map Challenge and Battle Star Location - Fortnite

Fortnite players looking to complete all the season 4 week 1 challenges will want to locate the Tomato Town treasure map as well as its requisite Battle Star.


Fortnite Battle Royale's Season 4 is now underway, offering players the chance to score new loot thanks to the map's latest additions as well as experience in the form of new Battle Pass challenges. Aside from spelling out F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E by collecting letters spread across the Fortnite map, players will also be tasked with following the treasure map in Tomato Town to track down the hidden Battle Star. Here's where to find both.

Where To Find The Tomato Town Treasure Map

The location of the Tomato Town treasure map is in the map's name. However, some Battle Pass-owning players may have trouble finding the map specifically. Luckily, it shouldn't prove to be too difficult — the map is posted on a brick wall within Tomato Town, itself just on the upper side of quadrant G4 in the in-game map.

There's good news for those who don't really care to seek out the map itself — not only is its clue image available in the tweet image above, looking at the map isn't actually necessary. Instead, players can simply head straight to the Battle Star's location and snatch it up to earn their reward.

Tomato Town Treasure Map Battle Star Location

The Tomato Town treasure map clearly points players toward a body of water. Perhaps unsurprisingly, that body of water is Loot Lake, just a short ways north and west of Fortnite's new Dusty Divot location.

Players can head there through whichever means they find most appropriate — by and large, the simplest way will be to simply drop in by air. In either case, the Battle Star can be found just near the river inlet, floating above a small wooden ship sunken between a rocky outcropping and the lake shore.

With the Battle Star in tow, players will need to make sure they complete the current match in order to be given a reward of 500 experience. Assuming players can take down at least four of the weekly challenges, they'll also be given a bonus of 5,000 experience. All in all, not a bad way to earn some easy Fortnite experience.

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