UPS Creates Cardboard Nintendo Labo Toy-Con-Tainer

Leave it to the wizards of cardboard to come up with something like this.


What can Brown do for us? Apparently everything but get our packages to us in a reasonable amount of time. When it comes to Nintendo Labo containers, however, UPS has things on lock. In an ad for The UPS Store on Twitter, the brand has come forward with a slammin' new way to store your Labo creations, all after you've built everything. The "Toy-Con-Tainer" is a carrying case made out of cardboard that houses all of your precious creations, so you don't have to tear them down and rebuild them all in the name of saving space.

The video shows off compartments for the fishing rod, RC cars, piano, and even a space for cables and other items needed to build your final Labo products. There's even a dolly built right into the case so you can wheel it around as you please, as well as a padlock, in case you need to keep things safe.

Unfortunately, as cool as this carrying case looks, it's probably not going to be made available to the general public to put together on their own. UPS hasn't been forthcoming about any plans to share "brownprints" for the awesome device, but surely there's someone out there talented enough to reverse-engineer the creation so that the masses can get to work on their own.

It's just so cool that it seems unfair that we can't have our own sweet Labo carrying case, especially after we spend so much time putting each item together. At least we've got this interesting bit of marketing to come back to for inspiration.

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