Here's The Company Nintendo Is Trusting With Making Cardboard For Labo

Nintendo is going to require a surplus of quality cardboard if the upcoming Labo project is to be successful and the manufacturer the gaming legend is trusting has been revealed. The General Packaging Industry Rengo is the cardboard supplier and, to no one's surprise, the company's shares have climbed in response to the news.

Rengo is an Osaka-based manufacturer, as described on Bloomberg Tech, and is one of several companies in the supply chain for the Nintendo Labo project. The information comes from anonymous sources and neither Nintendo or Rengo have commented on the story. Labo aims to enhance the Nintendo Switch experience with a plethora of accessories made of cardboard. The material choice lends to versatility and cost efficiency for Nintendo. Hopefully, those cost savings will benefit consumers as the project evolves, as well.

Labo made our list of Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games of 2018, considered "just another example of the way Nintendo effortlessly revitalizes simple concepts" via our writer.

Cardboard pianos, fishing rods, and full-blown mech controls were teased in the reveal trailer above. With the portability of the Switch and the versatility of the joy-cons, the sky is the limit for Labo. Rengo is one of the first companies to produce corrugated cardboard and is one of the largest creators of packing products in Japan, so it should be more than capable of keeping up with supply demands once Lago launches this on April 20, 2018. The $69.99 Variety Kit and $79.99 Robot Kit are currently available for pre-order.

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