The Cartridge Family 034 - Nintendo Labo Hands On, God of War Impressions, The Most Lethal Beatdown

John went to Croatia to figure out how best to injure Joe - long story.


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I thought John was headed to Croatia for business. He said it was for business. It turns out he was harvesting 30 year old landmines for the purposes of reminiscing about games of a similar age with me, his brother-son. Suffice it to say that the stakes have risen and I’m no longer feeling safe while recording this podcast. That’s life, though, I suppose.

Prior to the violence, the fam goes over the latest headlines in gaming before spending some time discussing Nintendo Labo. John got a chance to experience this unique new toy with his daughters and it sounds like all parties are pleased. From there, we dive into God of War and discuss our early impressions of the game. All this and more on today’s show.

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- Joe Stasio
- Chris Buffa
- John Benyamine
- Andrew Zucosky

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