GOG's New User Profile and Activity Feed Features Are Now Live

Now you can customize your own user profile on GOG's platform. 


User profiles have made their way to GOG, essentially expanding the game beyond an awesome platform to purchase games into something of a social network. User Profiles are now available on the site, a way to share what you're playing with friends and chat each other up about your latest purchases. You can see what you and your friends are playing, which achievements you're all earning, and other fun tidbits that take GOG from a simple storefront to another way you could potentially make new friends who also love classic games.

Your profile is split into four sections: your Feed, Profile, Games, and Friends. Your Feed, much like with Facebook, is the "centerpiece" of your profile, where you'll be able to see updates from your friends as far as what games they've been playing, what achievements they've earned, screenshots, and more. As you can see, I played some Creatures and Creatures 2 for a hot minute.

Your Profile is where you'll find your own activity, such as time spent in-game, your own achievements, and everything about you. Your third tab is the Games area, which keeps all the games you've purchased in one area as well as your stats when playing them. Lastly, your Friends tab shows you your friends, your friends' achievements, and how popular certain game are among them.

If you don't like the default look for your profile, you can personalize it ben further with a wallpaper from a game you own and kit it out with some words of your own. If you don't want to share all that with the world, you can head over to change up some Privacy settings to change your profile visibility summary, games, friends, and more. 

This is an awesome new take on GOG's platform and should hopefully start helping to connect players with their shared love of retro titles. Nox fans, what's up? We out here. 

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