God of War Soundtrack Gets the Vinyl Treatment via Mondo

Enjoy Bear McCreary’s amazing soundtrack in the most expensive and inconvenient format possible.


It seems that any new video game of note gets a vinyl soundtrack release these days. SIE Santa Monica’s God of War is no exception. Along with the touching story, beautiful environments, and engaging gameplay, God of War’s soundtrack also appears to have received the game’s Midas Touch, hitting all the right notes at the right times. Composer Bear McCreary is no stranger to fans of series like Battlestar Galactica, Defiance, and The Walking Dead, each of which feature soundtracks made of his compositions. McCreary’s God of War work will be getting pressed onto vinyl as part of a deluxe 2xLP set from the folks at Mondo.

The God of War Original Video Game Soundtrack will be available in two editions: 2xLP on black vinyl and 2xLP on colored vinyl. As this release is still in the pre-order stage and has not yet been pressed, the exact coloring of the 2xLP colored edition is not specified. Both editions can be pre-ordered right now at the Mondo website.

The tracklisting is as follows:

Side A
01. God Of War (4:09)
02. Memories Of Mother (3:40)
03. Witch Of The Woods (3:05)
04. Lullaby Of The Giants (3:45)
05. Ashes (6:11)

Side B
06. Peaks Pass (2:35)
07. A Giant's Prayer (2:01)
08. The Dragon (3:46)
09. Mimir (2:58)
10. Magni and Modi (2:51)
11. Echoes Of An Old Life (3:46)
12. Helheim (3:22)

Side C
13. The Healing (3:17)
14. The Reach Of Your Godhood (2:38)
15. Stone Mason
16. Valkyries (5:10)
17. Deliverance (6:20)

Side D
18. Salvation (6:50)
19. The Ninth Realm (5:00)
20. The Summit (3:22)
21. Epilogue (0:48)

The pre-orders for this 2xLP soundtrack are expected to ship sometime around mid-June, according to Mondo. This release looks very promising and Mondo usually delivers the goods on video game vinyl. They recently made an appearance on our 2017 Best of Video Game Vinyl list.

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