PUBG Map Miramar To Make Xbox One Debut This Week

Xbox One player are going to be finding some sand in their shorts after hot-dropping into PUBG’s desert-themed map.


PUBG’s desert-themed map, Miramar, was first released to players of the PC version of the game back in December. It was around this same time that the popular battle royale shooter first arrived on the Xbox One Game Preview platform, allowing players to get a taste of the action while the development team work on the game. Now five months into its Xbox One existence, console PUBG players finally get a crack at Miramar. Access to the new map will be limited at the outset, requiring players to download the PUBG Test Client to play the new map.

Players interested in getting down in the sand should head over to the Xbox Store and download the entry labeled “PUBG Test Server.” It will go live on the Xbox Store at 12am PDT tomorrow, April 24. The actual map testing will not commence until 5pm PDT on April 25 and will run through 11pm PDT that same day. This is a very narrow window of available playing time, so you will need to clear your calendar for Wednesday night if you have aspirations of getting in a few hours of Miramar.

For those who can’t make time for Wednesday’s test, additional play periods will be opening this coming weekend. Saturday, April 28 will have an open testing session from 11am to 11pm PDT, then one more session on Sunday, April 29 that will be open during the same hours. To get the full details of the Miramar testing sessions, head on over to the official PUBG forums.

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