How Long Does Each Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Project Take to Build?

Your guide to the expected building time for each of Labo's projects in the Variety Kit.  


Nintendo Labo is out in the wild now, and there's plenty of cardboard crafting fun for kids and adults. It's the newest Nintendo product that lets you make wild things using only your Nintendo Switch system, Joy-Con controllers, and cardboard with decals. If you're curious about the creation system, or thinking about picking one of the new kits up, you might be wondering what kind of time investment you're looking at. How long does it actually take to put together a toy piano made out of cardboard, anyway? Is it going to eat up a whole day with the kids, or can you spend an afternoon working on these products? We've got a handy list of each project and about how long each will tkae.

RC Cars
Estimated Time to Completion: 10-15 minutes per car, 20 minutes total

RC Cars are some of the simpler projects you can put together out of the Labo sets. You get two in a set to assemble, and each car takes roughly 10 minutes to build, though it can go a little quicker if you're an experienced Labo creator and have done this multiple times. You can create a track using magnetic tape that the cars will follow along and watch the cars move ahead utilizing the Joy-Cons' HD rumble feature.

Fishing Rod
Estimated Time to Completion: 1 to 2.5 hours

The Fishing Rod is a little more complicated than the RC Cars, but it's still quite short compared to the rest of the Labo projects. It requires more precise folds and building expertise to complete, but it's not difficult by any means. You'll make the rod to go "fishing" on the Switch, and you can also create additional fish-shaped cards to be used with the Toy-Con piano to make a fun little aquarium.

Estimated Time to Completion: 1.5 to 2.5 hours

The Motorbike is a little more complicated than the Fishing Rod, and takes a bit longer to put together. You'll utilize both Joy-Cons to put it together, popping both into the "handlebars" you'll craft out of cardboard. The Mini-Bike will let you use one Joy-Con to create your own course.

Estimated Time to Completion: 2 to 3 hours

Just like building a house in the real world, the Labo version of a house takes some time to put together. Once you've gotten it crafted, however, you can play a virtual pet-styled game where you complete minigames to earn treats to feed it. You can also interact with the house by playing with the various blocks built into it. If you have friends playing with Labo, you can even connect it to their houses.

Estimated Time to Completion: 2.5 to 3.5 hours

You'll need to carve out an entire afternoon to put together the cream of the crop. It takes quite a while to put together, but once it's done you'll be left with one of the coolest projects out of the entire kit. You can create and record your own songs, which makes this toy a cut above all the rest. 

The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit retails at $69.99 and is available right now. 

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